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10 Great Ideas to Throwing a Dinosaur Themed Party!

As a little #kid, you would run around playing imagination, stomping the ground saying "roar!". And now, you look out into your backyard as your kids dress up as #dinosaurs chasing each other and you think "how fun!"

Do you want to make your child's dream come true to play with dinosaurs? Maybe you want throw your child, niece/nephew, grandchild, etc. a dinosaur themed #birthday #party but don't know where to start?

Don't you worry! #AllStarPartyLi is here to help! Keep on reading to find out ways you can throw an awesome #themed party.

1. Invitations

The first thing you'll need to get the party started are the invites! Gather all of your #friends and #family, they wouldn't want to miss this awesome #party! Invitations don't have to be too crazy (unless you want them to be). We've found some ways you can create invitations and save money.

Check it out:

2. Decorations/Party Supplies

What is a #themed #party without #decorations? You can start off with the essential: napkins, plates, cups, etc. These are things that typically everyone has at a party, but it is way more fun when it is colorful, bright, or has characters on it.

Below are a few links for a guide to where you can find these party essentials.

You'll want to keep the decorations going by adding banners, streamers, and fun balloons. Adding these #decorations can be a great way to spruce up a party and keep the theme going. There are awesome party supply stores that have decorations you may need and will keep you in budget.

Check it out!


Moving on to the #entertainment! Every party needs some kind of entertainment and All Star Party has all that you'll need.

We have DJ/MCs that will take your party to the next level. Our #DJs are so much fun, they love to get in on the action too! We will play your favorite songs, dance to some line dances, play dinosaur themed games, and more!

Check out our #Party #Packages.


Let's get creative! Back up #activities are good for young kids or those looking for something else to do. A fun craft is always a hit at parties! Especially if you are sticking to the #theme!

Here are a few craft ideas and DIYs:

5. Games

#Backyard #games or #carnival #games are always a hit at parties and a good back up options for kids and adults looking for other #entertainment. All Star Party has plenty of backyard/carnival games for you to choose from.

Click here to view our backyard/carnival game options:

We also found some other fun #dinosaur #party #games, check it out:

6. Photobooth

It's always good to #capture moments at a party for you to look back at the day and remember the #fun times. Adding a #photobooth is a great way to create memories. You can make it fun by gathering your friends/family and adding props! Be as silly as you'd like!

Check out All Star Party's Photobooth packages:


If your looking to spruce up your #party, we have different Add-Ons.

#Face #Painting is one of our popular ones. Face painting is fun for everyone! Our face painting artists can paint different characters, sports, flowers, designs, and more!

If you'd like to check out all of our add-ons click here.

8.Prizes and Favors

A great idea to get people motivated and involved are #prizes. Prizes are a great way to make all #activities #fun. Prizes can ranges from all different things, goody bags, small toy items and much more. Don't forget, you can always DIY prizes!

Look what we've found!

You can also check out our #prizes/#giveaways:

9. Food/Snacks

With all the #dancing and #games going on, you and your guests are bound to get hungry! We found some DIY Dinosaur themed snacks that you can check out by clicking this link.


Lastly, don't forget about the dessert! A fun way to incorporate a theme into dessert is having a creative #candy #table.

Here are a few links for ideas and to get you started:

All Star Party Li has #entertainment for all different types of #parties.

If you're looking to wow everyone and looking for something different, #AllStarPartyLi has awesome characters you can choose from! How fun is it to party with a favorite #character! The character will sure wow you with his/hers awesome #dance moves!

Clink the link below to check out our #characters.

We hope we were able to help you get started on planning your dinosaur themed party. Just remember, the main thing is to have #fun!


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