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10 Ways To Throw an Epic Monster Truck Birthday Party

Gear up! It's time to rev your engines, take your mark and #party! That's right! We're here to have #fun and #celebrate!

All Star Party LI is here to show you 10 ways you can throw the most #awesome, #epic #monster #truck #birthday #party.


Not only will #kids love it, but we know the adults will love it too! So grab yourself a pen and paper, you're going to want to take notes.



For it to be an epic #party, you'll want to invite your most epic #friends and #family. Invitations are important to send out so everyone knows when to show! Sending an #invitation doesn't have to be hard, in fact, we found some ways you can #save all while having awesome themed invitations.

Check it out:

Monster Truck Birthday Invitation

Monster Truck Invites

Plus, #DIY invitations are always #fun, #affordable and easy to do. Who doesn't love a good DIY?

Look what we found:

Monster Truck Fill In Invitations

Monster Truck Printable


Okay, so, you want your party to stand out, right? Well, All Star Party knows you can't do that without awesome #decorations. Decorations are essential to make your party feel like... well, a party (especially if you have a #theme, like monster trucks). If you want your #guests to walk in and be wowed, then you'll want to get all different types of decorations including, #balloons, #banners, #tableware, party hats, #party #streamers, backdrops and much more!

All Star Party has you covered, below are some links where you can find all the decorations you may need.

Monster Truck Party Supplies

Monster Jam Party Supplies

Monster Truck Party

3. Entertainment:

You sent out invitations to your epic friends and family, and found some awesome decorations. Now its time for the best part - #entertainment! Ain't no party like an All Star Party (we sure do know how to party)! All Star Party LI has all the entertainment that you will need. We have #DJ/#MCs that will pump up