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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your company worth our investment?

Our professional party planners truly care about helping you make your party a special time. We bring our experience from over a thousand performances to your one special day. This means we make your vision of the perfect celebration a reality. Our top of the line equipment and enthusiastic, smily party motivators brings a new  definition to “The Perfect Party” We've been entertaining for over 8 years and guarantee an unforgettable experience.



How to book with All Star Party? 

Call us at 516-851-3423 or 516-467-9992 or

Email us at



Is setup time included in your price?

Setup up time is not included in your price.  If you book an event from 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm we will arrive at approximately 6:00 to be fully setup prior to the start of your party.  If it is a children’s backyard party we will arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your party so we are fully setup and ready to start the time you asked us to.


Can we customize the music to be played at our event?

You'll be unbelievably amazed at how flexible we are when it comes to music selection! Over the course of 12 years we have done all different types of parties and have the music to cater to all of them. You are always welcome to email us with your song requests.  Some clients in the past have told us every song they want to here while others have just chosen one or two.  


We usually say reccommend up to bout 50 songs and make we know top 20 "must play" songs and the rest of the list is"play if possible" songs.  If you are very selective and want to pick out all your songs that's fine with us but we like to let you know that we're good at what we do and know what will make your guests dance.  Totally up to you - after all, it's your event!


How loud do you play the music?

A common complain of other DJ companies and bands are “The music was good, but it was way to loud!.” With All Star Parties High Definition powered speakers it doesn't have to be that way! During cocktail hours and when food is being served the speakers will be strategically positioned for even sound coverage throughout the room at a comfortable level. When it's time to dance, the speakers will be repositioned for maximum sound coverage on the dance floor and minimum sound exposure throughout the rest of the banquet room.  What does this mean?  People on the dance floor will be listening to music which is a comfortable but powerful enough volume for dancing while the rest of the room will not be as loud do that your guests can actually hear each other speaking!


Do you offer a contract or written agreement?

Absolutely. We will type up a contract together.  We will send you the contract and only then after you look and make sure everything on it is correct and confirm by replying through email will the contract be confirmed.  We use the email as our verbal/written agreement as we don't always ask for a deposit.  If you feel more comfortable leaving a deposit let us know and we can arrange it. We ask for payment at the end of the event in cash, certified check or money order.  


Is tipping/gratuity expected from the DJ?

Tipping/gratuity is not mandatory at any DJ or children’s party event and will not be charged to your bill. If at the end of the night you feel the DJ, dancer, children’s entertainer, or magician has surpassed your expectations and you want to tip him, we would accept it as the utmost compliment.


How early should we book?

Simply put...the sooner the better! During the months of April - June we suggest booking about 5 months in advance.  For all other months about 6-8 weeks in advance.  However, if your party is this upcoming weekend we may still have availability!!!  Give us a call at 516 851 3423 or 516-467-9992 and ask us!


Do you carry the insurance required for my venue?

Yes. We have a “Certificate of Liability Insurance” and are fully insured.  If you or your venue are requesting it we can eitehr email it to you, which you can then forward or let us know their email address and we'll send it directly.  Please note that if they request us as "additional insured" a $30 fee will be added to your contract.



Do you have references?

Yes. Feel free to check out our facebook page at or our google reviews by typing in All Star Party LI into google.  Personal references are available upon request as well.  



Do you have different packages?

Yes. We have packages designed for every type of event. We have different DJ's for adult events, teen/tween events and kids events.  Check out our website at or call us as our our professional party planners are awaiting to assist you and fully customize your party to be exactly what you want it to be.




How many children may attend? 

We have done house parties with as few as 5 children to camp parties/school events with as much as 500 children.  This will really depend on the type of package you choose.  




What time should I book you for my party?

That's up to you.  Sometimes we come for the whole event and during that event you serve food and dessert.  During those times we'll continue to play music and help out either serving food, continue making balloons, make cotton candy, etc.  Some hosts perfer to invite us in the middle of the event.  Let's say you invite your guests for 3 hours but just book a 2 hour entertainment package.  We can come in the middle of that time slot allowing the first 1/2 hour for guests to arrive and the last 1/2 hour for you to do dessert. 



What do I need to provide? 

All we need is an outlet to plug our equipment into.  We bring the rest!  If face painting is included in your package we ask that a small table be available along with some napkins and a cup for water. 



Can I have the party outside? 

Yes, we do indoor and outdoor parties!


When should I serve food to the children? 

For smaller packages we suggested that food be served before or after our entertainment.  For larger packages food can be served at some point during our service hours.  We will work something out where we are still entertaining while your children are eating, such as doing a magic show, going around and making balloon animals, or helping them choose tattoos.  



Are your costumes scary looking?

All of our costumes are customarily made to have a friendly look to them.   When you book a party with a character they do not just appear in front of children which will be scary.  And we all know that if one child starts crying there is a domino effect.  Rather, we have one party staff member introduce the character in a kind, friendly, loving manner before walking them out from another room.  This has been our “cry-safe” way of introducing characters.


What are fun foods?

If you're contract says fun foods then most likely you have a cotton candy machine, snow cone machine or popcorn machine included in your package.  Assume that it is the cotton candy machine unless otherwise specified.  All of our cotton candy is kosher.

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