Fun Food

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Proudly providing delicious desserts to children (and adults) across Long Island, New York for over 15 years!


A Reputable Company

*Over 15 years experience

*Over 4,700 events booked

*Talented staff

Professional Equipment

*State of the art machines

*Cleanliness is our top priority

*The newest, most efficient & funnest looking machines


*Over 10 popcorn flavoring and toppings

*Multiple cotton candy flavors

*Many snow cone flavor options


*Overpaying, Headaches or Needing to book multiple venders

*Paying $5 + per child for Mr. Softee


Try out some of our fun foods!


Can everyone enjoy the fun foods?

Yes! Children, Teenagers and Adults will love everything. We don't just wait for your guests to come to us we will also be sure to walk around and hand deliver all of our delicious desserts to ensure everyone gets to savor those sweets.

What cotton candy flavors do you have?

Our most popular are pink vanilla and blue rasberry which are your traditional, most popular, and in our opinion most delicious flavors. But we have multiple flavors to choose from including strawberry, bananana, mango and more.

How come you don't supply ice?

Depending on parties we have going on for the day we might not be able to pick up ice for the snow cone machine.s All we need is your standard cubed ice wich can be purchased at most 7-11's, supermarkets and gas stations. Figure 10 pounds of ice will make approximately 25 servings. The cost will be very minimal.

Which fun food do you suggest?

We personally think cotton candy is the most popular option. It's prety rare that you can get cotton candy. Snow cones are delicious but similar to ices and ice cream. we LOVE that smell of freshly popped popcorn but again, you can get it almost anywhere. Cotton candy is the way to go :)

What else do you suggest adding onto our package?

We offer tons of great add-ons to all of our packages. Just to name a few we have face painting, touch the clouds bubble machines, photobooths, photographers, glitter tattoos, characters, snow cone machines, popcorn machines and many more.

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Fun Food Packages


  • State of the art commercial grade machines

  • ALL necessary serving supplies for machines (ice for snow cones excluded)

  • Decorated serving table

  • Supplies for 75 servings

Pick up Rental Options

1 Machine - $125

2 Machines - $225

3 Machines - $300

+$50 pickup/drop off in Nassau

$150 for 2 hour attendant (includes pickup/drop off)

+$25 for 50 servings


Our delicious fun food machines will help bring an unforgettable and delicious dessert to your child's event. 


We cover all of Nassau County, Suffolk County and some parts of Queens.  Our children's dance party packages are perfect for all kinds of events including birthday parties, Christenings, Holiday get-togethers, Baptisms and more.  From dancing and games to face painting and balloons, we've got it all!