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360 Photobooths

Let Your Guests
Create Dynamic
Sharable Videos

At Your

Proudly bringing the newest and most fun activities to your party in Long Island, New York for over 15 years!



A Reputable Company

*Over 10 years photography experience

*Over 250 photobooth events per year

*Thousands of happy customers

State of the Art Equipment

*High quality video capturing

*Fun and exciting props

*Red carpet and LED stanchion setup

Instant Shareable Content

*Instant download and shareable video to any social media platform

*Multiple video and audio options 


*Overpaying, Headaches or Needing to book multiple venders

*Worry of a vendor not showing up or providing poor quality service

Video Gallery


Our 360 photobooths will capture every angle and movement creating a mesmerizing video with special visual and audio effects.


360 Photobooth Package

*High quality 4k video capture
*360 red carpet setup
*LED stanchion 

*Over 25 props including money gun and bubble gun

*Instant video rendering, QR code shareable and downable content

*Custom overlay wording and audio
*Interactive attendant



40% off Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal


Guaranteed the "FUNNEST" Booth 
You've Booked or your 
money back!

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