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All Star Party

Mobile Photobooth

Take selfies to 
the next level
with our 
rainbow ring mobile photobooth!


Proudly providing DJ entertainment and party services in Long Island, New York for over 15 years!

Taking the Selfie to the Next Level

The Selfie Experience is the latest trending add-on for all your events.  We bring the typical "selfie" to the next level by inviting your guests to use digital props, create their own GIFs and enjoy our favorite feature - the boomerang BURST!  This mobile photobooth has the most advanced technology allowing your guests to have access to photos and videos on their cell phones only seconds after enjoying their experience.

Brilla booth.jpg

Rainbow Ring

An attractive rainbow ring light makes guests want to be a part of the selfie experience.


Custom Templates

Customize your 2x6, 4x6, and/or 4x4 (instagram ready) templates with any color, theme, or text!



Our interactive attendants will go around the room, on the dance floor, and even to the tables to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the selfie experience.



Options to add a printer to your package are available, which means your guests also receive a physical copy of their experience.

new text.jpg

Text to Phone

Guests will instantly have access to a digital copy of all of their photos, GIFS, and Boomerang Bursts either through text or email.


Digital Props

Hundreds of fun digital props to choose from!



Enjoy your choice of still photos, GIF makers, or our favorite - the Boomerange Burst!

ring light photobooth.webp


Add a backdrop and stand to your package to turn it into a Photobooth!


The kids were fascinated by the size and color of the mobile photobooth.  They loved seeing their videos and pictures instantly on their phones.

Vivian's 13th Birthday 

Packages Include:

*Rainbow Ring Light

*Interactive Walk Around Attendant

*Themed Digital Props

*Custom Templates

*Picture, GIF or Boomerang Burst Option

*Additional Lighting for Enhanced Photos

*Text to Phone and/or Email

*Link to ALL photos/videos taken


Basic Packages

2 Hours - $399

3 Hours - $550

4 Hours - $699

Available Upgrades:

*White or Silver Petal Backdrop


*Printing Station


*Convert to Photobooth Station


*Physical Props


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