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10 Ways to Throw a FESTIVE Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

UNO, DOS, TRES we do it best! 10 ideas to throw a FESTIVE Cinco De Mayo Fiesta!

#All #Star #Party is always here to help! Keep reading to see what we have for you!


Send all of your FESTIVE #family and #friends colorful, fun and affordable #CincoDeMayo party #invites.

Check out these FESTIVE invitations:

Make it personal by DIYing!


SPICE up your fiesta with CINCO ways to #decorate

UNO- Arch: Add an arch way to your entrance for a #fun way to enter your fiesta.

DOS- Banner: Right after your guests walk in the will find a #colorful #banner to make a statement!

TRES- Streamers: #Streamers are always fun way to brighten up the room.

CUATRO-Balloons: What's a party without Balloons? #Balloons always have a party feel!

CINCO- Backdrops: #Backdrops are a great focal pieces and great for #photos!

All Star Party found awesome decorations:

3. Entertainment:

You sent out #invitations to your FESTIVE friends and family, and found some #awesome #decorations. Now its time for the best part - #entertainment! Move, groove and feel the SPICE. All Star Party LI has all the entertainment that you will need. We have #DJ/#MCs that will pump up the #music, and #entertainers that will get everyone moving. Be sure to check out all of our #party #packages:

4. Glitter Tattoos:

#Glitter #tattoos are fun for everyone! #All #Star #Party has over 250 stencils, all different themes that you'll love!

Take a look:

5. Craft Table:

Apart from the #entertainment and #glitter #tattoos, you may want to have an alternative for those waiting for their glitter tattoo or wanting to take a break from the #dancing. A #craft #table is a great way to keep kids (and adults) entertained. Craft tables don't have to be too elaborate, you can come up with a few small crafts and make FESTIVE stations.

Here are some websites to buy #craft #supplies and stay within budget:

Don't forget there's always #DIY crafts! Take a look at this:

6. Photobooth:

You'll never forget the party when you add a #photobooth! How great is it to be able to share and keep #memories with #family and #friends. Make your photos fun by adding #creative, #awesome props!

All star party can customize any border to fit the theme!

Click here to check it out:


Lets talk about #prizes! Everyone loves prizes! Handing out prizes during the party makes things interesting and #interactive. Not only will #kids join, but they'll have so much fun trying to #win #prizes. You can also save some prizes to put in #goodie #bags to hand out at the end of the party.

All Star party as many prizes/giveaways you can choose from:

We also found some Cinco De Mayo prizes/giveaways:


You don't want your guests to get hangry! In our opinion, #food makes the party. A fed guest is a #happy guest and a happy guest means they'll have more energy for #dancing and #fun! Just like the craft table, the food table doesn't have to be elaborate, but you can make it fun! A #creative way to incorporate your theme into food is to have #snacks shaped like the #theme. Here's an idea: taco bar! Don't forget to put put your Cinco De Mayo plates, cups and napkins for everyone to enjoy.

Take a look at some food inspiration:

9. Cotton Candy Machine:

How cool would it be to have a cotton candy machine at your party? Well you can! All Star Party has #fun #food #rentals including a cotton candy machine.

Check out our fun food rentals:


And of course, we can't forget about the #cake and #dessert. What's a party without cake? You can #decorate any homemade or store bought cake to make it look professionally done. Just add some cake decorations and cake toppers and done!

Which, you can find here:

A creative and easy way to incorporate #dessert is a dessert/#candy #table. Just like your cake, you can put decorations on your homemade or store bought desserts, put some signs up and decorate the table. And there you have it, an #awesome #themed dessert #table that your #guests will love.

Click the link below for some ideas:

We at All Star Party LI hope this helps you throw a FESTIVE Cinco De Mayo fiesta!


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