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Memorial Day and Memorial Day Weekend

We celebrate Memorial Day to remember and honor those who served in the military for the United States. A lot of people celebrate in many ways which is why we have ideas to help you with your Memorial Day Weekend plans.


Barbeques are always a fun thing to do in the summer and for summer events like Memorial Day. All Star Party loves a good barbeque. There are different factors to make for a great barbeque. Here are some guidelines to make the most of your Memorial Day barbeque:

You can't have a barbeque with out any food to grill! Check out this link for food ideas and tips on how to make your barbeque food delicious and easy to do: Memorial Day BBQ

Don't want your guests to be standing around? In need of ideas to keep your guests entertained? Don't you worry! All Star Party Long Island has different ways you can add entertainment.

Carnival games are fun for everyone! Adding carnival games to your barbeque will enhance the vibe and keep your guests entertained. All Star Party Long Island has various games you can choose to fit your liking, its all up to you! Click here to check it out: Carnival Games

Be sure to check out to add more for your barbeque.

Beach Day:

Who doesn't love a beach day on a nice hot summer day? All Star Party loves the beach! Memorial Day is a great time to hit the beach. Invite some friends and family and head on over to the beach, don't forget to bring the sunscreen or maybe some entertainment! Be sure to check out for all entertainment, add-ons and more.

Check out our glitter tattoos:

Pool Party/Backyard Party:

Pool Party/Backyard parties are always a great way to entertain, All Star Party Long Island thinks so! Everyone is out on Memorial day so why not throw a party! All Star party can help with entertainment for your party. Pump up the party with awesome DJs/MCs to play music and even games for all ages. All Star Party has it all, for real! Click here: All Star Party Has It All.

Check this out:

So much fun!

All Star Party can add some color to the table at pool party/ backyard party. Do you want to know what it is? Centerpieces of course! Memorial Day centerpieces are a great way to add red, white and blue. We can create any centerpiece to match your theme. Be sure to check out our website for more information

Look how cool:

You know what's sweet? Treats! All Star Party loves treats and we have it just for you. Add candy tables to your party to make for a nice treat and for decorations! Customize your candy table to the theme of your party, that's pretty sweet!

Check out the image below and go to for more information.

We service to Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island and Queens. Check us out!

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