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Candy Tables

Everyone loves sweets and treats. Are you at a loss of what to do to sweeten up your party in a different way? All Star Party has the in and outs on the sweets and treats. Keep reading to find out more.

You've seen card tables, gift tables, and picture tables at parties but what about candy tables? Yes! A table full of candle and sweets! Candy tables are a great way for guests to enjoy a treat and be able to take it home. They are mouth watering as well as eye catching. Not only are they good to eat but can be a great décor! Alexandra Durso, party planner at All Star Party can customize any table to any theme.

Check out this gallery for ideas and more:

Don't see a candle table that you like? Click on some of theses other great bloggers links to get more ideas. Let us know how we can customize your candy table.

Be sure to also check out our website for more information and for more exciting ways to pump up your party.

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