• Light Up Booth

    Choose any color to fit your theme, fade color and/or change the music.  Starts at $50


  • Intelligent Lighting

    These lights shine all around the room changing color and pattern on our command.  Comes on top of 2 LED lit towers.  Starts at $250


  • Walk Around GIF/Boomerang/


    Interactive attendant finds your guests and gets them to enjoy a brand new walk around photobooth experience. Starts at $350/hr


  • Uplighting

    Transform any regular room to fit your color scheme.  Colors can stay static, fade and/or change throughout the night.  Starts at $250


  • LED Dance Stages

    Dance stages set in front of the DJ booth that kids, teens and adults can dance on.  Sizes vary, starts at $250


  • Videography

    Let us capture video at your party and make the best promo video your friends will watch over and over again.  Starts at $350


  • LED T.V.'s

    1 or 2 TV's to show your slideshow or display our zap shot photography throughout the party.  Starts at $150


  • IMG_7217.PNG


    Open and enclosed photobooth options to capture and print great photos for all your guests.  Starts at $495 (discounts available when booking DJ)


  • fog bubble.jpg


    Fog infused bubbles will keep your guests on the floor dancing around this amazing phenomenon.  Comes on LED tower. Starts at $150


2021 All Star Party Long Island

All Star Party Long Island Children's Party and DJ Entertainment

All Star Party Long Island Party Coordinator

All Star Party Event Services

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Michael - 516 851 3423 (outside business hours)

Jim - 516 467 9992 (during business hours)