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Proudly entertaining children of all ages with DJ Entertainment in Long Island, New York for over 15 years!



*Slippery, Soapy Floors

hurricane haze.jpg
Impossibubble Machine

*Commercial grade Impossibubble Machine

*Money back guarantee if you don't think its AWESOME

odyssy trus.jpg
Decorated Column Truss

*Light up Truss 

*Elevates bubble machine up to 6 feet in air

bubble haze.jpg
Everlasting Memories

*Guarantee "ooh's" and "ahhhs" from your guests

*Touch the clouds effect


More Than Your Ordinary Bubble Machine

fog bubble.jpg

Bring the clouds down to your party and experience what it's like to touch a cloud!

hurricane haze.jpg

One Impossi-bubble Machine

*Decorated 5-6 foot truss

*Light up Truss

*Unlimited impossi-bubbles


One Impossi-bubble Machine

*Decorated 5-6 foot truss

*Light up Truss

*Unlimited impossi-bubbles



How does this work?

This bubble machine has a commercial grade fog machine built into it. The fog infuses into a bubble and floats across the room. When you pop it "poof" it dissapates into fog!

Will this be on the whole time?

No, we prefer to use it sporadically across the time of your event. We guarantee it'll pack the dance floor every time we turn it on!

Will the floor get slippery?

No. A minimal amount of bubble juice is used and it actually is mostly made up of fog.

Will it set off fire alarms?

No, since the fog is "captured" within the bubble the bubble will eventually float down away from any fire alarms.

What else do you suggest adding onto our package?

We offer tons of great add-ons to all of our packages. Just to name a few we have face painting, touch the clouds bubble machines, photobooths, photographers, glitter tattoos, characters, snow cone machines, popcorn machines and many more.


Our energetic and enthusiastic kid's DJs and entertainers will create an unforgettable dance party at your child's event. 


We cover all of Nassau County, Suffolk County and some parts of Queens.  Our children's dance party packages are perfect for all kinds of events including birthday parties, Christenings, Holiday get-togethers, Baptisms and more.  From dancing and games to face painting and balloons, we've got it all!