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Proudly providing family game night and virtual bingo events to kids of all ages across America.


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Enthusiastic Staff

*Ran by DJ's, game enthusiasts

and teachers

*Over 350 virtual events experience

*Fun, upbeat and engaging


Interactive Games

*Fun, interactive game show like games

*Trivia for all ages and interests

*Captivating green screen integration


*Upbeat dancing and contests

*Kids vs Adults Contests

*Live DJ

*100% participation



*Needing to learn Zoom

*Any worries

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The noblest art is that of making others happy.

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"Who knew you could have so much fun on zoom?!"

 - Blumstein Family

"They kept us entertained and engaged for 2 hours!

-Blauvelt Family

"Loved the high energy!  We'd definitely do it again

- Brinkley Family

Family Zoom Party
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Frequently asked questions

What is family game night?

Family Game Night is and will be a huge hit with friends and family of all ages. We've taken all of your favorite games and mixed them all into one night of fun. We'll play 3 regular games of bingo but here's the surprise - we've hidden a bunch of "party" balls into the mix. Party balls include trivia, scavenger hunts, dance parties, mini games, charades, name that tune, family feud, Pictionary and SOOO many more. We've completely reinvented what is possible through zoom using green screens, spotlighting and music! All events come with a game host and live DJ! Family game nights can also be set up as fundraisers.

Who and how many can play?

This game is meant for everyone of all ages. We have a great mix of music, games and trivia for all ages. We can accomodate elementary school, middle school and even high school events. We can host events as small as 10 zoom screens up to 499

How long is it and what games do you play?

We found that the perfect time for our games is 90 minutes. However, we've had requests to go even longer! We'll play 3 games of bingo but sprinkle in lots of fun other games including but not limited to: The Floor is Lava, Friendly Feud, Picture Reveal, Double Dare, Are You Smarter than a __ Grader, Name the TV Show Tune, Scavenger Hunt, Pictionary, Charades, Guess Who, Act This Out and More! Know and love a game we haven't mentioned? Let us know - we'll make it happen!

This sounds too good to be true, it must cost a fortune.  How much is it?

Games are only $400 for 90 minutes on weekdays. Add $100 for weekend rates (Fri/Sat/Sun).

Can this be made into a fundraiser?

Yes! And the best part is you don't have to do anythning! We'll create a free eventbrite registration link where your guests can sign up - you decide what to charge. You'll be instantly notified of who signs up and how many bingo sheets they purchase while we collect the money. At tne end well take out our Bingo Part fee and the rest is yours! Happy easy money to you!





*90 Minutes of non-stop fun*

*Live DJ

*MC Game Host

*Custom registration page

*Game Cards

*Interactive Games

*Mixed Trivia

*Eye catching

technology integration

*Jumbotron spotlight cams

*Dance parties

*Scavenger Hunts

*Family fun for EVERYONE

*Multiple customizationoptions

*90 min - $450 (weeknight rates)

*90 min - $550 (Fri/Sat/Sun)

*Themed events available

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We proudly offer a money back guarantee.  We've hosted over 350 virtual events and haven't been asked for a penny back yet.


We cover all of the United States and Canada.  We've had kids join us from places all over the world including South America, Australia, Japan and more!  The use of virtual events allows us the privilege to bring more smiles to more children all across the country!