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Baby Shower

Baby Shower Entertainment

Bored of the Traditional Open Presents for 3 Hours Baby Shower?

Look No Further! All Star Party LI has everything you need to enhance your baby shower.   In addition to some great background music our game entertainers will host a variety of games of your choice for you and your guests to stay entertained the whole time.

Why Choose All Star Party for your Baby Shower?

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Our Master of Ceremonies will help host all of the games that the party planner has in mind.  If you want us to come up with all the games that's fine by us.  We've got plenty to choose from.

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5 Star Reviews

There's something for your guests to do from the moment they enter the room with our full color and fully customizable table games.

Music makes parties more entertaining.  Not only will we play music but we can incorporate music into our theme song trivia games as well.

Check out our facebook and google for our 5 star Reviews and Testimonials.  Want a review from one of our previous clients? Just ask!

All Star Party hosted the entertainment for my sisters baby shower.  From the preparation of table games, hosting interactive games that got my whole family out of their seats and the delicous candy/dessert table All Star Party did it all. I'd highly recommend their upbeat and friendly MC Mike Battaglia and Mike King for any event!

Sable - Stefani & Sergey's Baby Shower ~ Brookville Country Club, NY

Parent Games

Table Games

Dessert Tables

— Name, Title

Interactive Games

Packages Include:

1 Man Entertainment

DeeJay/Emcee/Game Host


Professional DJ Setup (color themed)


Background Music

(dancing upon request)


Table Games - you get to choose


Interactive Games - you get to choose

Game Materials

Double Sided White Board

Possible Upgrades: Photography, Dessert/Candy Tables/ Photobooths

3 Hours 699

4 Hours 799

Game Ideas

Table Games

(typically games that are played at your guests own pace.  Answers are gone over together at some point)

*Word Scramble - unscramble the letters to make a baby word

*Guess that Emoji Picture - use the emojis to guess a baby related phrase

*Mom or Dad - Who will be a better diaper changer, Mom or Dad, and many other fun conversation starting topics

*Guess the Baby Celebrity - can you guess which baby this celebrity turned out to be?

  *Many more to choose from

Interactive Games

*Baby Theme Song Trivia - music trivia except every song has the word "baby" in it

*Heads Up - very similar to the app "Heads Up" but we'll use big cue cards so everyone can see and participate

*Pictionary - use our double sided whiteboard to complete some pictionary drawings

*Team Draw - this one's a hit.  It's like a relay race and drawing contest mixed into one game

*Family Fued - same fun game that everyone loves with a baby theme

*Many more to choose from

Contact Us

9 Blueberry Lane, Oyster Bay, N.Y. 11771  |  Tel: 516-851-3423

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